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Our range of services

Diagnosis & Advice

We give your requests priority. Therefore we always start with examination creating an diagnosis of your dental health status. We then give a summary info on the status. If requested we provide advice reasonable individual possible therapies. Open dialogue is especially important to us, so that we can understand concerns and respond. Please feel free to raise any concern so that we may clarify the diagnoses or therapy.

Prophylaxis & Checks

Prevention is still the best way to keep your own teeth as long as possible. We are happy to help. We aim to gather info of the health status of your oral cavity as well as the whole body for the purpose of an holistic health view. We offer instructions on brushing technique and professional dental cleanings (plaque & tartar removal, thorough dental polishing, removal of unsightly deposits) to.

Aesthetic Dentistry

We help you to achieve a radiant smile. Depending on your dental health status we do offer teeth whitening, cosmetic anterior corrections (veneers), amalgam free fillings colored in your teeth color, composits or ceramic crowns, inlays (providing longer durability than fillings next to being offered in various colors matchinh your natural tooth color closely) and small dental bridges. Always targeting to replicate your orginal theeth.

Dentures & Prosthetics

In case an individual tooth or several teeth need support or replacement there are some possibilities. Dental crowns, bridges, impants or prostheses in any case we gladly provide advice on reasonable treatments for you. Implants sometimes require the implementation of bone grafts or bone structure as a prerequisite. Again, we can gladly help you.

Free of Fear

Our goal is to help you to take away the fear and discomfort during your visit with us as possible. We do provide modern gentle dentistry and on demand hypnosis for adults and children. Hypnosis with a therapists is "voluntary", meaning you can always (at any point in time) brake the hypnotic trance by your own choice, its never involuntarily. Most people still associate dental treatment with pain. This must now be no more! There are excellent narcotics and painkillers.


Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) is manifested by reddened gums and bleeding gums, and must not cause pain. Not treated, results in a periodontal disease (periodontitis). Periodontitis relates to the gum, the tooth root and surrounding bone. Cause of the inflammation are plaque, which are interspersed with bacteria. Removal of the plaque and regular therapy is required to keep the inflammation away.

Oral& Maxillofacial Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal, apicoectomy (WSR), exposing, pasting, or removal of impacted teeth, tooth transplants, pre-prosthetic surgery, cyst operations, surgical crown lengthening, tumor removal, trauma, surgical treatment of tongue u. Frenulum, periodontal surgery, treatment of injuries in the maxillofacial area, bone grafting and implant dentistry

Care for Children

My team and I love children! Our special child oriented treatments ensure that the visit is experienced in a positive way so that preferably no fears can develop due to it. The goal is to keep the teeth and gums healthy into adulthood. We offer the preservation and restoration of deciduous teeth, special children prophylaxis, to orthodontic treatments.

Furthermore, we still offer:
Maxillofacial surgery, TMJ, head and neck pain therapy, tooth jewelery, geriatric dentistry, sports mouthguards

fischer.dental - wilhering : your specialist on dentistry, oral & maxillofacial surgery


Modern Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental and oral health enhance quality of life and promote the aesthetics

our office is located at the first floor of the Raiffeisen bank building in Schönering, Wilhering, Upper Austria near Linz. The main austrian health insurrance organization has handed over the general regional dental contract to me.


I am a dentist and oral & maxillofacial surgeon. In addition have mastered the post gradual diplomas on medical hypnosis and implantology. Holistic health medial treatment is important to me, which is why I never aim to treat only the pain but always try to find the root cause for lasting treatments.


I aim to help my patients achieve a good teeth and oral health status maintaining or improving their quality of life. Next to this my goal is to ensure short latency for patient who have made en appointment upfront.


My team and I are always trying to treat you on the cutting edge of dentistry and place particularly strong emphasis on individual and sensitive care and treatment of our patients. We always pay attention to the quality of our work.

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DDr. Karin Fischer

Austrian University degrees
equivalent of Doctor of Dental Science
and Doctor of Medicine

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Gabriele Nußbaumer

lead dental assistant
+ 43 (0) 7226 2944

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Petra Mayrhofer

dental technician
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Semanur Akca

dental assistant
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Anita Brunmayr

dental assistant
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Asna Yaqub

dental assistant in-training
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fischer.dental - wilhering : gentle treatments and on request also in hypnosis


Appointments are the best way to short waiting times.

You can contact us at + 43 (0) 7226-2944 during our opening hours












or on agreed appointment.

We are sorry to state that we can't offer a timely treatment for patients coming in without an appointment agreed on upfront.

We politly request you to make an appointment upfront


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Praxis DDr. Karin Fischer
Raiffeisenweg 2
A-4073 Wilhering (Ortsteil: Schönering)

+ 43 (0) 7226-2944

The ordination has an barrier-free entry with an elevator.
The entry is at the backside of the building.

Public transport lines from Linz: Bus L1 or Bus 670


picture of the building the practice is loacted in at the 1st floor


fischer.dental - wilhering : Your specialist on dentures & prosthetics



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